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What’s wrong with this picture?

Envision you visit a doctor. She reviews your medical records to determine whether you qualify as a medical marijuana patient. Her review consists of decades of experience, knowledge and a deep concern for your health and well-being. She asks you several questions and creates a relationship with you. She provides you with a medical marijauna certificate. It is her opinion that medical marijuana will be beneficial to treat your condition.

You feel confident that a professional has assessed your condition to the best of her ability. Now you go to a dispensary to buy your medical marijauna. You walk in. You see a person whose only qualifications for his job are that he is over 21 has no felonies. He looks at your certificate and says based on your condition this strain of marijauna will work best for you. You leave with your marijauna.

What’s wrong with this picture? For doctors it is unacceptable. For patients it is troubling. For policy makers it is reality. But thats what we have in Massachusetts. How can it be remedied? Would love your input.